Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Randomness

Lots of things I want to talk about today. Not sure I'll have the time but I'll get started and see how far I get.

So, yesterday was a snow day. I picked up my vehicle at the auto body shop where it's been for the last week getting repaired from my wreck. It was finally finished and since there was ice and snow on the ground, I felt more comfortable driving my big SUV than S's little car. So we pick it up and then had some errands to run. (S got his brother's Christmas present and we went to see "August Rush"...such a good movie!) Well, somehow when they put the door back on my vehicle, they didn't hook up the power lock/unlock so we took my vehicle back to the repair shop. It only took them about 30 minutes and they did it while we were waiting so it wasn't too bad but just a little frustrating.

My sister called last night and she invited me to go with her and my mom to Hawaii in January! My mom has a conference in Hawaii every January and usually my stepdad goes with her, but this year the heater died at their house and since that's going to cost them about $10,000 to redo the entire heating system, they decided that he wouldn't go. So my sister decided to go with my mom since she's never been to Hawaii and since her hubby hasn't gotten her a Christmas present yet, her plane ticket to Hawaii is now her gift! I really want to go and it would be a ton of fun, just me, my mom and sis hanging out in Hawaii for 4 or 5 days. I thought about it and ultimately decided not to go. I've made a commitment to paying off some of my debt before I go back to grad school and as much as I would love to go to Hawaii, doing so would be putting myself even further away from my financial goals.

So, on to the topic of losing weight...I did really well yesterday (even though it was a snow day and felt like a Saturday) and stayed within my calories. I've been doing well eating wise and I'll continue that this weekend. Working out, I haven't been doing so well. I went Monday and Tuesday and then the snow actually did deter me from working out on Wednesday. I won't go today since I'm leaving work early as S and I have tickets to an event tonight. I need to get back to my strength training, I've been doing cardio only for the last couple of weeks, but strength training builds muscles and muscles burn more calories!

No real plans this weekend besides the Christmas event tonight so we'll see what we end up doing. I don't know if it's the weather, TOM, or what, but I feel so blah today. I'm not really excited about anything and I'd like to just lay at home in my warm bed. Well, I'll see you all on Monday...have a good weekend!

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Sara said...

I loved August Rush - I watched it online on Monday. I thought is was very sappy and perfect for the xmas season - but the ending left me wanting, maybe that was the point?

I hope you perk up this afternoon and have an awesome time at the even tonight!!