Monday, December 17, 2007

What a Weekend!

I did it! I made it through the weekend and only ate 450 calories over my limit! While it's still over my limit, it's only by 450 calories and compared to past weekends of being over by several thousand calories...this is a victory! I knew I could do it! It was all in my attitude. This weekend I approached it and said, "I can do this. I've done it before." And you know what? That attitude shift helped me succeed. So for next weekend, I want to stay in my limit. It's definitely possible.

Goals for the upcoming week:
Eating--same as before: Monday-Friday 1600 calories/day, Saturday and Sunday 2000 calories/day (only 200 may be alcohol)
Exercise--Monday-Thursday 75-90 minutes cardio, 20 min strength, 10 min stretching; Friday 60 minutes cardio, 10 min stretching; Saturday/Sunday 120 minutes of activity (shopping, gym, park, etc.)

Alright, on to my weekend. It was good. We got all of our shopping and errands done by Saturday afternoon and we were ready for this big ice/snow storm that we had been hearing about for almost a week. It never happened! I think we got maybe one inch of rain and that was it. No snow, no ice, no sleet, nothing. Very anticlimatic. We went and saw "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. It was good but the infected people actually creeped me out quite a bit and I had trouble sleeping last night b/c I kept seeing them when I closed my eyes!

I am actually very excited about this week. Once I make it through Friday, I'll be off for 11 days! I'm going to South Dakota to meet some of Stephen's family. We leave on Christmas Eve and get back on New Year's Eve. And of course being government workers, we have New Year's Day off. Work is extremely slow right now so I've been working on some "personal" things at work quite a bit to pass the time.

I also find out on Wednesday if I got into my 2nd choice for grad school. I am actually so nervous about this already. I keep telling myself to just relax but time seems to be passing so slowly...I want to know right now!! I'm focusing on keeping myself (and mind) occupied over the next couple of days so it's not so bad.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend!


Jen said...

OOOH, that's lucky that you didn't get the big storm!!! There seems to be a lot of bad weather all over the continent lately...makes me feel slightly blessed that ours hasn't been TOO bad up here!!

I think i am going to see "I am legend" this week...I get a little creeped out by movies too, so hopefully I will be able to sleep afterwards!!!

I get a bunch of days off for Christmas too...I think it is MUCH needed!!!

Sara said...

We had the snow storm but I was welcoming it. In fact I wished the city was shut down so I wouldn't have to work today - but that is just me!

I've heard mixed things about I am Legend - not sure yet if we'll go see it.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday!