Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up and A Weight Watchers Question

Hmmm...well I'll start with the confession: my weekend wasn't good, food wise. Between Saturday and Sunday, I drank nearly three bottles of wine! Yes, I know, 3 bottles! I do love the wine (but I am not an alcoholic before you get too concerned). Last night I had a couple of glasses and actually didn't want any more but my head said, "you should have some now, you won't get any more for another 6 days." So, I think next weekend I'll put a limit on how much wine I can have and that way I'll truly enjoy it. I'm still going to follow my no alcohol during the week rule as that seems to be working out very well for me. I also made Christmas cookies last night for our Christmas party at work this week and I am very guilty of eating several balls of dough and some finished cookies. My explanation for my behavior this weekend is something I told myself mentally on Friday. In the midst of my crankiness and blah-ness on Friday, I acquired this "screw it" approach to the weekend and I don't know where it came from but suspect it has to do with my bad mood and wanting food to make me feel better.

So, here's my WW question: does anyone do WW online? I'm interested in WW (and have done it before with success) but actually making it to a meeting would be difficult. If you do use WW online I would like to know how you like it and what differences there are between WW online and WW in person. I'm just very curious about it. Counting calories works for me but there's no accountability to myself. With WW there would be more of an accountability.

Now onto this week's goals:
Eating--1600 calories/M-F; 2000 calories/Sat & Sun (only 200 calories each day may be used for alcohol)
Work Outs--I am getting back to my strength training schedule! So here's the plan:
Monday: 75-90 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength, 10 minutes stretching
Tuesday: 75-90 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength, 10 minutes stretching
Wednesday: 75-90 minutes cardio, 10 minutes stretching
Thursday: 75-90 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength, 10 minutes stretching
Friday: 60 minutes cardio, 10 minutes stretching
Weekend: 120 minutes of walking (Christmas shopping!), cleaning, playing at park
Total: 480-540 minutes cardio, 60 minutes strength, 50 minutes stretching
I'm also going to look into the classes at my gym. I know they have yoga and I love yoga!

Well, I'm off to go raid the office supply closet at work...rumor is we got a new shipment of supplies! I heart office supplies!

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Jen said...

WOOT! I love raiding the supplies as well!!!

I am more so impressed at 3 bottles of wine...I am gone at half a glass!!!

I do WW online...and well, it USED to keep me really I rely on my blog more so!! But it did help for quite a while!!!