Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Weigh-In

Today's Weigh In: 180.2
Last Week's Weight: 178.8
Change from previous week: +1.4

I totally deserve this. I knew it was going to eating the last three days has been horrible. Yesterday was not a better day, eating wise. By the time I had my blood drawn and peed in a cup, I was so weak and tired from not eating all morning. I had pizza and then laid down on my office floor for about 30 minutes. After that, I felt much better. Having my blood drawn actually went really well. I didn't watch and didn't look back over at my arm until the nurse told me she was done...that seemed to help the weakness and nausea I usually get when my blood is drawn. My pulse was 64 beats per minute (which is low according to the nurse but very likely for me considering all the running I do) and my blood pressure was 100/68. She actually measured my height (which I haven't had done since I was in the second grade...I always just randomly guess that I'm about 5'8") and I was 5 feet, 7.5 inches.

Anyways, back to my weigh in. I knew I was going to gain and as much as I did not want to get on the scale this morning, I made myself do it so I would see the consequences of my actions. My plan for this week is to write everything down that I eat (I stopped on Tuesday of this week) and get in my runs and exercise as planned. I'm overeating because I'm worried about my interview when what I really need to do is hit the pavement and run. That always releases my stress and anxiety.

I finished "Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsella on Tuesday while I was travelling. It was a pretty good book...pretty predictable but sometimes you need a "fluffier" book that doesn't make you contemplate too deeply. Now I'm on to "Change of Heart" by Jodi Picoult. She is my absolute favorite author and I love her books! This is her most recent book and so far it's interesting (I haven't quite figured out everything that's going on but that just makes me want to read more!). She always has some great surprises that I never see coming in her books so I can't wait to see what they are in this book. I know that totegirl has read some of Jodi Picoult's books before so I'll be sure to give a thorough report when I'm finished!

Well, plans for today...I'm at home right now. I have eaten breakfast, gotten ready for the day, done the dishes, have candles lit, and am enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine with the patio door open. Today's my AWS day and I've got a haircut this morning plus a few other errands to run. I need to do my reading for next week's class but other than that, nothing that must be done today. It's supposed to up near 80 degrees today so I'm thinking that a walk this afternoon would be lovely. I am also going to make a new running mix for my MP3 player...anyone have some great fast-paced songs they love to work out to?

Tomorrow we've got a picnic/cook-out thing with the OSU alumni association group. Tomorrow will be the 7 year anniversary of the 10 members of the OSU family killed in a plane crash in Colorado and since most of our alumni group were students at the time, we're having a "Remember the 10" picnic. It's supposed to be nice weather and we're bringing our frisbee as well as some great food (Tomato and Mozzarella sandwiches, veggies with dip, and homemade, lower cal trail mix). We're also riding our bikes to where the picnic is so we'll get in a good bike ride in the morning. Sunday we don't have any plans but we'll probably do our usual grocery store, Target, running around, and maybe a movie? I really want to see "Leatherheads" but Stephen doesn't (and it's a football movie for goodness sakes!!) and there's a new movie coming out, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", that look hilarious.

Well, it's time to get off this computer and go enjoy this weather!! I can guarantee you I'll be doing my reading for next week's class out on the balcony later today! Have a great weekend everyone!


Cara said...

Oh man I am in LOVE with Jodi Picolt! I think I have listened to 4 of her audiobooks in about 2 months. haha. I am in the middle of the Salem Falls one, change of heart will probably be next :-)

Have a great weekend. You will get your eating on track, especially if you continue to track!

Jen said...

Sorry to hear about your gain, but the fact that you jumped on KNOWING there would be a gain is something to be proud of! And you have a great game plan to boot!!!

I always used to add half an inch to my height (on purpose!) and say I was 5'6...but then I got measured and I ALWAYS make sure to say 5'5 AND A HALF! *laughs*

Enjoy your day off! It sounds like you have a great day planned today and tomorrow!

Sara said...

Sometimes you need to see that number to stop the "madness" - so move on and downwards!!!

I loved Remember Me - totally predictable but still a nice light read!

Lucky you and your day off and enjoy the movies and sunshine!

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm currently reading "Undomestic Goddess" by Kinsella - just a nice fluffy easy read. I like to alternate between novels, chic lit and Newberry winners (young adult literature).

This past fall, Grumpette played soccer. We coincidently ended up on a team with a bunch of OSU alumni (all in late 20's/early early 30's). I was the old fart!

Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

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