Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer Challenge!

I joined Carolyn's summer challenge. The two goals I set for myself to accomplish in the next 8 weeks are 1) to exercise 5 times a week and 2) run 7 miles without stopping. I didn't put a weight loss goal because I usually find that when I do that I get disappointed and frustrated. It's taken me 4 months to lose 10 lbs so it's been sloooooooow. But focusing on the exercise and running goals motivates me to keep going. I didn't get my run in yesterday because of the weather but it's bright and sunny today so I'll definitely be doing 5.5 miles today!!

I'm having such a hard time with cravings lately. I don't know what it is but suddenly I want all kinds of sweet, processed stuff. That stuff is so addicting! Once I have a bite, I keep craving it for a long time. I've also let artificial sweeteners creep back into my diet and they always make me crave the sweet stuff!

I've made a commitment to myself that today I will follow my eating plan and won't have any nibbles or straying off the plan. I have to think about it one day at a time. (Plus I always eat healthier on the days I run so it's totally doable.) So, here's today's eating plan--

Breakfast: 2 Kashi waffles, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 1 banana
Snack #1: 1 plum, 1 kiwi, 1 cup pineapple
Lunch: leftover Turkey Sausage and Spinach Lasagna Rollup, huge salad with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and 1 tbsp. dressing
Snack #2: Clif Z bar
Dinner: Fajita burgers, Rosemary potatoes, peas, salad

This is totally doable! I think I'll have some calories left over so I might have a glass of chocolate milk before bed.

I'm so anxious to go running that I want to go right now and it's 8:30! Must get some work done first!! Running will be my reward! Funny, that I think of running as a reward now instead of a punishment but what can I say...I love to run!!


Christina said...

I think your goals are super doable, I love that Carolyn has started this challenge, it's a great idea. I ear you about the artificial sweetners, I ovw my diet pepi. I tried to cut it all out but it makes me feel too deprived, so I allow it but in moderation. Great menu, your meals sound yummers and have a great run

Vanessa said...

Good luck on the challenge!

shelley said...

I love your running goal, and you should be able to get to your 7 miles easy - you are already at 5.5!

Sara said...

Your goals sound very S.M.A.R.T!! Processed foods are so bad - stay away!!

Hope your run was a blast!!!

thenewsarahsundae said...

Love the goals and enjoy the run. I remember those days for sure!!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a great summer challenge goal! I, too, find that when I set weight goals I get disappointed. My goal for the challenge is to run 40 minutes 3 times a week, which is definitely doable. I don't know if I could run much longer than that! The first (and last) time I ran 5 miles, I really hurt my foot.

Neha said...

Hey, good luck on your challenge! Your goals are all very ambitious and healthy. My non-challenge goal for the summer is to actually to be able to actually start running, and be able to do 5k without stopping.I started today, and I love the tired, accomplished feeling at the end. I'm going to be coming to your blog alot for inspiration, it's great!