Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've had too much caffeine this morning!!

Something kind of strange keeps happening today...people keep commenting on my hair. I've had 3 people say something about cutting my hair off and it being short. They're all good comments but comments like they just noticed my hair is 14 inches shorter than it was. Strange because my hair's been this length for 2 months now. Maybe it's because I've got my bangs pulled back? I don't know but definitely a little strange. Oh well...

Anyways, so I left early yesterday and it was fantastic!! I went and browsed around Trader Joe's but didn't find anything I couldn't live without and picked up my new glasses (pics to come!). I then went home and watched the 2 episodes of "The Office" I've missed while being in class. Shhhh...don't tell Stephen I did that...he thinks we're waiting until the 4th season comes out on DVD to get caught up. I could watch episodes of "The Office" over and over and over that show!! Then I cleaned the apartment, read in some magazines and my book ("Change of Heart" by Jodi, so, so good!), watched the Food Network, painted my nails, and just generally was a bit lazy. I didn't do any work or didn't go for a bike ride but that's okay. I still got to enjoy the weather while I was hanging out in the apartment with the patio door open. I don't get to be home very much by myself so I just wanted to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it...know what I'm saying? And it was great!! I needed a bit of a break and relaxation time.

What wasn't so great yesterday? My food. I was so snacky yesterday...but no biggie. I'm over it and I'm on to today! I have class tonight so I have lots of snacks planned. We only get a 15 minute break in class and it's not really long enough to eat a meal. I could eat before but I'm never hungry enough so what I do is eat a snack before class, a snack during our break, and then a snack on the Metro ride home. I don't want to eat a full meal when I got home from class b/c it's usually close to 10 and I weigh-in on Fridays.

Sorry for the hyper post...I had twice as much coffee this morning as I normally do. Speaking of which, here's a bit of a rant against Starbucks. I ordered an iced coffee because I assumed it was just an iced sweeteners, no added milk. When I got back to my desk, I looked up the nutrition info just to be sure (and also my coffee tasted pretty darn sweet) and Starbucks iced coffee has sweeteners added to it!! Grrrr! That's so frustrating! Now I know I have to tell them I want an unsweetened iced coffee. I wish they would put that on the menu...instead of calling it an iced coffee, call it a sweetened iced coffee so I know it comes sweetened. They're the same way about their iced have to specifically request an unsweetened iced tea. At least I know now but it's still annoying!!


Christina said...

ok it's the 2nd time someone talks about the office, i really should rent the first season, seems super funny

Sara said...

I love love love the Office - one of my fave shows!

I hope the caffeine/sugar crash wasn't too harsh!

Amuldoon said...

Oh I looove The Office so much... did you see the episode from last week when they had the dinner party? FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!