Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Friday!!

Today's Weigh In: 178.6
Last Week's Weigh In: 180.2
Change: -1.6

I lost what I gained last week and am back to where I was 3 weeks ago before we went skiing! I'm happy about the loss but I've been doing some self-sabotaging lately. I don't know why other than 178 is where I was when I met Stephen. I'm working on listening to my body and eating what it wants which, most of the time, is healthy, whole foods and using running to channel my emotions. I'm going to take some time this weekend and really think about why I've been sabotaging myself and what's going on there.

I'm changing things up a bit this week and I'm going to have some different goals than I usually do. Just for something a little different and something to focus on a bit more than just calories eaten and miles ran. This week's goals:
1) Wear pedometer every day. Aim for 7500 steps a day.
2) Track calories and macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) on SparkPeople. I haven't done this in a while and like to do it every now and then to make sure I'm eating enough protein and fat to be healthy. I'm also a little concerned about my sodium intake. I don't know if I'm getting enough for the amount of running I'm doing. Any of you runners know anything about sodium intake and running?
3) Photograph meals and put up on blog. And, wouldn't you know, I forgot my camera this morning so you'll have to wait until tonight's dinner or tomorrow's breakfast for pictures.
4) Follow workout and eating plan. If I meet 12/14 goals then my reward will be a pedicure next weekend.
Workout and Eating Plan--Week of April 25, 2008
Friday: 1800 calories, Run at lunch--5.5 miles
Saturday: 2000 calories, Bike Ride
Sunday: 2000 calories, Bike Ride or Apartment Gym
Monday: 1800 calories, Run at lunch--5.5 miles, supposed to have softball practice but I'm not including it in my goals just b/c its dependent on other people and may fall through
Tuesday: 1800 calories, Run at lunch--7 miles
Wednesday: 1800 calories, Run at lunch--5.5 miles
Thursday: 1800 calories, Run at lunch--5.5 miles

So yesterday when I was running at lunch it was pretty warm outside, close to 80 degrees. About 1/2 through my 5.5 miles I thought I was going to pass out. I got really lightheaded and then felt like throwing up. I immediately stopped running and walked the rest of the way. I felt much better after walking for a bit. I think what happened is that I was pushing myself pretty hard. I was alternating walking and running sprints. When I was running my heart rate was close to 180 bpm which is over 90% of my maximum. I just think it was too much in the warmer weather. Today I'm going again but I will definitely be keeping my heart rate lower. (And I think having twice as much coffee yesterday morning may have dehydrated me a bit.)

Alright so my weekend is still undecided. We've got several things we'd like to do but depending on the weather (there's a chance of rain tomorrow AND Sunday) we may not do all or any of them. I want to hit up the farmers market--I'm dying for some fresh, good produce. The library is also having a book sale and I want to go and browse for cookbooks or other cheap finds. Then there's a wine festival pretty close to where we live and we'd like to go and sample wines from the Virginia vineyards we haven't visited. I've also got to take my bike in and have them check the wires and so forth. There's nothing wrong with it but the bike shop likes for you to bring in your bike after the first 20 hours of riding so they can make sure everything is wearing right and head off potential problems. We'll see if the weather cooperates but I sure hope it does! Most of the stuff we want to do is outside!

Have a great weekend!!


Christina said...

you have a great plan for your cals and exercise. Love the pic, you are so cute :)

Sara said...

be careful there little lady!!

Congrats on the loss and being back to fighting weight! Good luck this week with that great plan!!

Have fun this weekend!

Cara said...

running in the heat is hard. i have to avoid it this weekend. That is awesome you can do so many miles during your lunch. I am jealous!

Jen said...

Fantastic plan girl!! I love seeing food pics!!!

I think I should start wearing a pedometer again....I found it made me get up off my bum a lot more at work!!

Grumpy Chair said...

I put on my pedometer this week and it helps motivate me to want to walk so I have more steps!

Cute picture of you and Stephen.

Have a great weekend.