Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I could never live the jet-setter life!

My interview went really well!! I should find out by next Friday if I'm in or if I'm still on the waitlist. It was a crazy day though...I'm definitely not used to hopping on planes and flying places in one day. I was really surprised with myself because about an hour before my interview I started getting nervous but by the time my interview started, I wasn't nervous at all!! I know what to expect in the interviews now and there weren't any big surprises as far as questions go. I did mess up one question (Tell me about a recent time you've set a goal for yourself and you've achieved that goal). I started talking about training for a marathon and then realized I haven't completed that goal yet so I kind of laughed it off and said "well, let me tell you about a goal I've actually achieved. I'm just so excited about running a marathon that I like to talk about it a lot." and then I started talking about a goal that I've completed. So, all in all, a good interview. But I don't want to think about it too much b/c then I'll get excited about possibly going to school there.

What wasn't good yesterday was my eating. I'm blaming it on waking up at 4am. It's like I couldn't eat enough food yesterday. But I'm back on track today and back to eating well. I did have a NSV yesterday...since I was gone for my interview all day, I didn't have time to workout or run but yesterday when I got to the subway stop closest to my house, instead of taking the shuttle, I walked! Way to go me! So I still got some activity in yesterday even if my eating was a bit off. And I got my chapters read for class on Thursday while I was travelling so I feel prepared.

Well tomorrow morning I have blood tests and a physical here at work (we can have one free blood work and physical screening a year). I haven't had my cholesterol tested in about 10 years (and considering my family history, that's not good!) so I'm looking forward to seeing what those numbers are. Alright, I'm off...I'll catch up with you lovely ladies later!!


Jen said...

YAY!!! It sounds like your interview went great! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! You deserve it!!!

I wouldn't worry too much about eating system is thrown WAY off when I am travelling!!!

Good luck with the blood tests and physical!!! Good idea to get them done every once in a while!!

totegirl said...

Good luck! Not that you'll need it. Are you kidding me? You're fabulous!

I'm getting my blood stuff done on May 2nd. My cholesterol was up to 220, but I got it down to 202. Then I got it down to 184. I'm hoping to have stayed there or even lowered it some by the next test. Keep us posted.