Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Just Another Rainy Monday.

I had a good weekend. We got a lot of stuff done and did a bunch of running around. On a sad note, my pedometer broke on Saturday evening. I did get in 7766 steps on Friday and Saturday I had 7255 when it fell off (b/c Stephen was goofing around in Target) so I am getting in over 7500 steps a day. So that goal for the week is now gone. I didn't take pictures of my food this weekend but I did take pictures of other things to share with you but I can't upload the pictures at work so I'll have to post them tonight at home. But I am taking pictures of my food today!

The weather was great on Saturday and not so great on Sunday. Saturday we woke up, went to the farmers market where we got some tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers. Then we went to the library book sale and I got 6 books (Julie and Julia, Citizen Girl, and 4 others that I can't remember right now). We also went to the outlet mall. I wasn't going to get anything but I found the cutest summer dress at the Gap Outlet and it was only $4! I also found a cardigan to wear over the dress for $7!! An entire outfit for $11!! How fantastic! We went and saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"...I thought it was a pretty funny movie (some parts were much funnier than other parts) but Stephen thought it was really dumb. Then Saturday night it started raining and it's still raining. :( I hope it lets up a bit so I can run at lunch but I'm thinking that may not be possible. We'll see. Sunday we were on a hunt for an umbrella for our balcony. We need a small one (6 feet) and we went to 2 targets and home goods without finding an umbrella. We did find these cute lights at home goods and 3 trips to home depot later (for an extension cord, cable ties, getting longer cable ties, and exchanging the extension cord for a longer cord), the lights are hung! Guess who went to Home Depot 3 times in search for various light hanging necessities? A very frustrated me.

We didn't go to the wine festival. We could've gone on Saturday but the weather people kept saying that the rain was coming (and it did come, but 6 hours later!!). No big deal though, we had lots of other errands and stuff we were doing.

We didn't go on a bike ride either so I didn't get any exercise in on Saturday and Sunday. My eating was pretty good on Friday but Saturday and Sunday I didn't do so well. Definitely no pedicure for me this week. I'm back on track today with my eating and hopefully I'll get a run in at lunch.

Well, I should get to work now and get some things accomplished today.


Jen said...

Aw, sorry to hear about the rain AND the pedometer!

I love that you got an outfit for $11!!! I need to shop with you!!!

Christina said...

that reminds me I really should invest in a pedometer, maybe I'll use my Special K one I got from my box of cereal :)