Thursday, April 10, 2008

So glad it's Thursday!!

I could get used to weeks like this...yesterday was my Monday and today's my Friday! If only I didn't have actual work to get done. :(

I forgot to mention yesterday that I have another school interview next week. It's at one of the schools I was waitlisted at so it means I'm being considered for an open spot! I'm excited but stressed out about trying to get prepared. I literally do not remember very much about this school so I'll have to do a bunch of research before I go.

Also forgot to mention yesterday (hmm, let's see...what did I write about yesterday?) that last Wednesday, I ran the entire 5.5 miles course I've been doing lately! I was so excited! It was a goal of mine for March and I hit it 2 days late but I'm not complaining! Awesomeness! Now for April I want to run 7 miles. I'm about 90% sure I'm going to do a half-marathon in November but with the knee problems I sometimes have, I'll have to slowly build up my mileage.

Last night I went to my class and the scheduled night had changed. When I signed up for these classes one was on Wednesday and one was on Thursday. Well, the one for Wednesday changed to Thursday and obviously, I can't be in two places at once. But no one notified me of the day change so I showed up last night and eventually with the help of three staff people, figured out what happened. I was a little ticked that no one notified me but the staff people were so apologetic and nice about it that I couldn't be mad. So I called today and dropped one of the classes. It's actually okay with me b/c now that my workload has picked up, I don't have the time at work to devote to studying so just being in one class will be a lot better for my stress level. Although I wish the class was on Wednesday since new episodes of "The Office" are back on starting tonight! I'll just have to watch it tomorrow!!


Amuldoon said...

Way to go on your run! I'm headed out for a run in the sun shortly... :)

Cara said...

I hope you kick as much booty on the interview as you did on the run! Woo hoo. You are rockin'!

Marianna said...

Just came across your blog, Marissa, and I like you already! My twin sister's name is Marissa too, and she spells it exactly the same. :)

I look forward to reading more about you, and I wish you much success in all that you've set out to do!

Have a great weekend!