Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Epiphany

The cabin is in Ontario on Clearwater Lake which is just about an hour across the US/Canada border.

Jen's and Sara's comments yesterday really made me think a bit. I have thought about "saving" up calories from the weekdays and using them on the weekends. But I've been stubborn. When I lost about 40 pounds in college, I consistently ate the same amount of calories every day. I might have gone over on a few days but, for the most part, I stayed close to 1800. This worked for me in college b/c even if it was the weekend, I was at the library studying or busy doing something else so I never had weekends where I was just hanging out and chilling (I also didn't have a social life outside of my parents and my sister). My epiphany yesterday: that worked for me then but it doesn't work for me now. I have to change the way I'm doing it now to reflect my life at this moment. There's nothing wrong with me saving some calories on the weekdays to spend on the weekend. In fact that works better for me b/c then I can splurge, within reason, on the weekends and not feel so guilty about it. A much better plan and much better suited to my lifestyle right now. Thanks ladies for making me think about how ridiculous I was being!

Well, I actually have a small project to do today so I better get started on it!


Grumpy Chair said...

You have some smart commenters. Great idea from Jen and what a beautiful cabin.

Jen said...

I DEFINITELY think that you should adjust to what works for you NOW.

I couldn't eat the same calories every day...I don't DO the same things every day...and my weekends are just SO sporatic!!!

I hope it works well for you!!!

Have a great day!!!

Sara said...

Yeah for epiphanies - glad we could help!!

ooh Clearwater is supposed to be beautiful!! Lucky Lucky you!!

Lynn said...

I find the weekends I eat more too. I'm doing WWs so I usually use all my "allowance points: in those 2 days and then the rest of the week stay within my daily points.

There's just something about the weekends and not having a schedule that gets me EVERY time.