Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday of a Short Week

Today I don't actually mind too much that's Monday. I'm only working today and tomorrow and then we leave Wednesday for New York City. We spent most of the weekend nailing down our plans, where we're going to eat and so forth. Both of us are obsessive planners, particularly about trips, but this time we're even more crazy about planning everything out b/c for 2 days I'll be doing my interview and school visit and attending a conference (for the school) and Stephen will be on his own. Plus we're trying to make this trip as cheap as possible so we've researched all of our dining options and have almost every meal planned out. It'll be a good trip.

Other than planning our trip, we didn't do a whole lot of anything this weekend. We stayed at home most of the time in an effort to save money. We did watch "Shoot 'Em Up" on Netflix...I didn't like the movie at all. Normally, violence/gore doesn't bother me but this movie was just over the top. I do not recommend it at all. I like being at home and just chillaxin' over the weekend but I eat like crazy when I'm home all day! Part of it is boredom and part of it is that the kitchen is literally three steps from anything else in the apartment. I ate about 1000 more calories on Saturday and Sunday than I planned but I wrote everything down! It sounds strange to be proud of that but typically on the weekends I won't write anything down. But this weekend, I wrote everything down. That's a big step for me!! Even though I went over on my calories, once I analyzed my totals, it wasn't so bad. Yes, it's 2000 calories more than I'd planned on but it could've been worse.

Stephen bought a small grill this weekend. We've been talking about buying one ever since the summer but just never got around to actually doing it. So Saturday and Sunday night we had to grill! Saturday we grilled chicken and then I put it into a baked ziti made with whole grain pasta and then Sunday we had steaks, potatoes, and corn from the grill. So yummy!! Meat really tastes so much better when it comes off the grill.

Oh, and Oklahoma State lost the game on Saturday. We cannot play for crap this year. We played so badly that Stephen refuses to watch anymore OSU basketball games this year. It's his basketball boycott.


Jen said...

Aw, that sucks your team lost!!

I don't know WHAT I would do without a grill!!! I miss it SOOOOO much in the winter (though we do have an indoor's just a pain to clean!)

That's so exciting that your trip is this week!! It definitely makes the beginning of the week easier!

Sara said...

I am so totally jealous. I want to go to NYC!!! You will have a blast!!

congrats on tracking this weekend - that is one of my biggest vices. Even when I'm on plan I still don't track on weekends!!

Yeah I don't watch college bball until March Madness. I just can't get into it - I think b/c there are so many teams!!