Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm baaack!

Hey, what's up? Feels like I haven't posted in forever, even though it's only been 3 days. First things first, eating was okay this weekend...would have been better had it not been for the brownie cheesecake and more wine than I needed but all in all, it was my birthday. Did not make it to the gym once and it has been very cold here so even the thought of going outside makes me shiver. Now on to the more fun stuff...

So I took Thursday off so I could have breakfast with my dad before he left. We ate breakfast and as we were taking him to the airport, it started snowing like crazy! You literally could only see a few feet in front of the vehicle b/c of the snow. So after we took him to the airport, we went home and watched "Grumpy Old Men" (b/c in the words of Stephen, you can only watch this movie when it's snowing).

Friday was my 25th birthday and we went to one of the malls looking for a particular pair of jeans (when we were back in South Dakota I tried on a pair of Lucky jeans in the Buckle that fit me perfectly but they were a bit too short). So we went to the Lucky store and they don't carry this particular jean...which makes no sense at all to me, it's a Lucky jean, the Lucky Jean Store should carry the darn jean. We found out that the closest Buckle store is 2 hours away. We did some other shopping and looking around. Friday night Stephen decides that we should go to Richmond (where the nearest Buckle store is) on Saturday and find these jeans. Since we don't really have any other plans for the weekend, I agree.

Saturday we drive to Richmond (about 2 hours away) and find the Buckle where I try on at least 25 pairs of jeans. Stephen was such a great help b/c he just walked around the store picking up jeans in my size and bringing them to me. Finally I find a pair of jeans and they were not the ones we came looking for but these fit better. We also decided to stay in Richmond overnight so after finding the jeans and looking around more at the mall, we go back to the hotel and watch "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" (good movie but very long) on pay-per-view. While we were shopping, it started snowing and we spent some time just watching the snow fall when we got back to the hotel. We go eat dinner and then come back to the hotel and sit in the hot tub for a while. I start throwing up in the middle of the night. I think it was a combination of my food for dinner and the hot tub.

Sunday I ate more carbs than I usually do but when my tummy doesn't feel good, carbs are about the only thing to keep it feeling somewhat normal. We drove home, took a nap, and watched football.

Monday we went to the grocery store and ran a few errands then we went to see "27 Dresses"!! Yes, it took me 4 days to convince Stephen to go see it but I finally got him to go! I thought it was a pretty cute movie. I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedy-type movies but I definitely thought this one was pretty good. Even Stephen said it wasn't that bad.

So, we had a pretty busy weekend. I'm like Sara, I like weekends with nothing to do but Stephen can't stand that. I could spend most of Saturday puttering around my apartment but Stephen has to be doing something all the time (which is annoying sometimes). Well, I'm off to catch up on all your blogs! Talk to you soon!


Sara said...

What a boy though - driving to Richmond to get you some jeans!! Justin would never do that!!

While sick yesterday I watched 27 dresses online and when I told Justin he was mad at me b/c he WANTS to see that. Huh? But then I realized it's not the movie but Katherine Heigel!! So we may go see it anyways!!

Sounds like you had a great bday weekend - despite the vomitting and the business of it all!

Born to Run said...

Wow! You had a busy, fun-filled weekend!

It's so nice that you and Stephen both enjoy movies.

Happy Belated Birthday to you!

(I'm fairly new to your blog, by the way, but I really enjoy reading it.)