Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why is it so cold?

I am freaking cold today. I cannot get warmed up. I hate feeling cold. You know what else I hate? Waking up and hearing the wind howling outside. Normally I get up without a problem but when the first thing I hear is wind blowing, it sounds so cold and I just want to stay in my warm bed curled up. I'm trying to get myself ready to go to the gym in an hour or so. Since I have to walk 7 or 8 blocks to get there, I'm not looking forward to the cold wind outside. I'm really hating my sister and mom since they are flying to Hawaii today! I bet it's warm there!

Alright, enough negativity. I have a confession to make: last night I had two glasses of wine. It's totally against my no alcohol on the weekday rule. I'm okay with it though, and here's why: 1) I'm aiming for 1800 calories a day so I have 200 calories a day for "treats" 2) Wine is my biggest vice, not chocolate or ice cream or sweets but wine. I do need to stay with one drink a day since that's better health wise but I'm going to modify my no alcohol on weekday rule (for now) and say that I can have alcohol on the weekday but only if it's one drink and approximately 100 calories. (And really that should go for every day of the week, not just weekdays. Baby steps, baby steps.) I think I will try to get back to no alcohol on the weekdays rule but over my Christmas trip I got used to having 3 or 4 drinks a day so I need to ease back into moderation. You all probably think I'm an alcoholic since I talking about drinking a lot (I swear I'm not!) but having a drink with dinner is something I've gotten used to over the last couple of years. It's relaxing and I enjoy it but I'm working towards a more moderate amount of alcohol consumption.

Is anyone else as excited as me that tomorrow is Friday? Woo-hoo!!


Jen said...

*laughs* I don't think you are an alcoholic!!!! You're an adult, you are entitled to drink wine, it's a very calming experience (for me anyway!!)

In the summer, all I drink are caesars...I come home and I mix one straight away, Danny will call from the bus and he mentions that he hears the ice clinking in the glass, still doesn't make me feel bad because I know he will come home and crack open a beer...if you said you drank so much every night that you can't remember what you did THEN you would have a problem! :)

I think everyone needs a vice...and if you deprive yourself of it...well then that's deprivation (good use of my words hey???)...I say, modify your rules so that you are allowed your wine without feeling guilty!!!

Lynn said...

TGIF even though its only been a short week!

Doesn't sound like you're an alcoholic... I mean I have a bit of chocolate every day, whatever helps you stick to your healthy lifestyle IMO. I like an occasional glass of Shiraz myself :)