Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Planned Mashed Cauliflower Switcheroo of 2008

I've been reading on other blogs about making mashed cauliflower and how much it really tastes like mashed potatoes so I picked up a head of cauliflower this weekend at the store. Last night Stephen and I were having inside-out burgers and corn and I thought I'd give the mashed cauliflower a try. My plan was to make and serve it to Stephen letting him think it was mashed potatoes and then say, "Haha, that's actually mashed cauliflower." Well, what happened is that he smelled the cauliflower cooking and since we live in essentially one big room, he asked why I was cooking cauliflower. So I explain the whole mashed cauliflower thing and he just keeps giving me a skeptical look the whole time. When we sit down to dinner, he doesn't want any of his own but he does try mine. He thought they were okay but I didn't get them mashed very well so the texture was off (plus he knew it was cauliflower so he couldn't get around that). I was very impressed with how the mashed cauliflower really tastes like mashed potatoes. When I was mashing the cauliflower, I added just a splash of milk, black pepper, chives, and olive oil blend butter. I added more butter and pepper when it was on my plate. I was definitely skeptical of doing this but it is amazing how much the cauliflower really tastes like potatoes. So if you're skeptical about doing it, I say give it a try. I've got leftovers that I'm going to have tonight with my dinner. I'm definitely going to be making mashed cauliflower again, even if I'm the only one who's going to eat it. But the switcheroo I had planned didn't work out so well.

Not much else going on...I'm trying to get myself ready for lunchtime run here in about 1/2 an hour. I haven't been running outside in the cold weather all season so I'm a little worried but I just need to suck it up and deal. I'll be much happier when I'm finished with my run. I've been feeling my depression sneaking back on me (it's a combination of no exercise and the no sun, cold days of winter) so for my mental health, I've got to get some exercise today!

Sam is doing well. They think she could come home soon but it all depends on how much she starts eating on her own.


Selma said...


Just bumped into your blog. I think that's great, I will try that with my husband since I have been thinking about trying mashed cauliflower. I bet he won't notice.


Jen said...

OOOH, I need to try that with the mashed cauliflower!! I keep meaning too!!!

I am so glad to hear that your niece might be coming home soon! She is in my thoughts!

Sara said...

I keep meaning on trying that! But since with all my exercising I don't like to cut back on carbs I think I'll try half and half so that I can actually eat the amount I want (instead of a paltry 1/2 cup)!!

Hope your run went great!

Grumpy Chair said...

Hope you niece gets to go home.

Hmm, I need to try that for my meals at night (I try to limit carbs only for my dinner meal).