Monday, January 14, 2008

The Weekend Review

I'm so sad to see the weekend go away! I had such a good weekend hanging out with my dad and Stephen. Friday was Stephen's birthday so we both left work early and hung out at home drinking wine and watching movies, nothing too exciting but Stephen doesn't like to make a big deal out of his birthday. Saturday we cleaned the apartment and watched football. My dad came over for Stephen's birthday dinner and the meal was excellent! Yummy and healthy, the best kind! I was going to take a picture but it slipped my mind. Sunday we went to the grocery store and met my dad for "The Bucket List" and dinner. So, overall a good weekend hanging out with family and friends.

What wasn't good this weekend? My food. I don't know why but a switch gets flipped on Fridays and I seem to think that the calories I consume on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays don't count. Yes they do!! I'm really going to focus on writing down everything I eat and adding it up this weekend. Friday's my birthday but that does not give me a free pass for the entire day....I'll eat a healthy breakfast and lunch and splurge a bit for dinner. You can bet I'll have cake but only one piece. Then Saturday and Sunday I'll eat healthy and stay within my calories. I'm planning on going to the gym Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I have a 4 day weekend b/c of my nice work schedule/birthday (Friday) and Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday). I have to get away from this disciplined eating on the weekdays and no control eating on the weekends. It's not healthy and on the weekend I undo all my hard work during the week.

As a motivational tool, I'm posting a picture of the cabin in Canada. Stephen's family owns it and I went this past summer for almost 2 weeks. It was so much fun! What wasn't fun about being up there is how uncomfortable I was in my swimsuit. It fit well but I wasn't physically comfortable being in it all the time. We are planning on going up again this year and I want to have lost some, if not all, of this extra weight so I'll feel more comfortable. So, here's the cabin (I'll also post on the side as a daily reminder):


Jen said...

WOW, the Cabin is GORGEOUS! And great motivation as well!!!

Is there any way you could kind of restructure your week??? Do you give yourself a certain number or calories a week or just per day??? Because if it's an average over the week, try cutting down on the weekdays and adding a few to the weekend? And have your week "start" in the MIDDLE of the weekend to allow for little splurges???

Sara said...

Jen suggestion is awesome - that is essentially what Weight Watchers does. So say your goal is to eat 1800 cals/day - that is a total of 12,600 cals/week. So if one day you eat 1500 and the next is 2100 you are still at the same for the week!

Glad you had a great relaxing weekend though!

P.S. is the cabin in Ontario? it is gorgeous and very motivating!!

totegirl said...

Oooh, how picturesque! That's great motivation! I am already thinking about swimsuit season, too. Keep up the good work. We'll get there!

Lynn said...

The cabin looks awesome! Where is it located?