Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Tuesday but It's Friday!

Today's my Friday! We leave tomorrow for NYC so I'll be off work the rest of the week and I won't be blogging :( I'll try to post my weigh-in tomorrow morning but that depends on how fast I'm moving around tomorrow. We're going to be rather busy in NYC so I don't think I'll get a chance to blog. At least, I'll be busy until my interview is over on Thursday morning and then I can relax afterwards.

We are traveling with all of our bags as carry-ons! I've never not checked a bag when I'm flying but since we're going to be in the city before we can check in to our hotel, we're traveling with all of our stuff in two backpacks...and, yes, my suit is going into a backpack (it's non-wrinkle and our hotel has an iron if it does wrinkle). We'll see how it goes. The hardest part so far has been the liquid restrictions. But we've made it work and if we do forget something, there's a CVS pharmacy half a block from our hotel.

I forgot to mention this but we have tickets to a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow afternoon! Stephen's really excited. We never watch late night tv b/c we're both usually asleep before 9:30 but it's a total New York thing to do and the tickets are free!

Enough about the trip, this is an exercise/eating well blog. I went for a run yesterday at lunch and this time I was able to run most of the time. The reason I didn't run all of it is that my running endurance is not quite up to running 5 miles yet. This run was soooo much better than the run I did last week when my lungs were hurting and I had to walk almost the entire time. The air was a bit warmer (only by about 5 degrees) yesterday and I started off with a moderate pace. It felt so good when I was finished! I think my biggest problem last week is I started off too fast and that combined with the cold air, made my lungs hurt. I was super excited to go again today but it's raining!! I don't mind running in a drizzle or sprinkles but count me out for heavy rain when it's cold outside. Stupid, stupid weather.

I'll get in lots of walking in NYC tomorrow and Saturday when we're doing our sightseeing things. Thursday my interview isn't until noon so I'm going to get up, eat a light breakfast and hit the hotel gym for a little cardio. Stephen is doing his own thing on Thursday and the workout before my interview will give me an extra confidence boost. Friday I'm in a conference all day so I may not get a workout in but I'm sure I'll still get lots of walking done.

I'll talk to you lovely ladies later! I'm off to prep for my interview.


Jen said...

That's so exciting that you are going to see Letterman!!!

Careful about not checking your luggage...or at least, don't carry any liquids over 100mL or you will lose them...it sucks!

Have a fantastic week!!

Sara said...

Wow Letterman - that is super exciting!

It is amazing what a couple of degrees can do for a run huh?

Super Good Luck on your interview - I'll be sending good vibes on Thursday morning!!

Grumpy Chair said...

Best wishes and good luck on your interview. And how exciting seeming Mr. Grouch in person.

Enjoy your time in NYC.