Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Warning! It's going to be long!

Hey everyone! I'm so glad to be back! The trip was good. Stephen's mom was so surprised. I got to see some things I've never seen before like Mt. Rushmore. But I'm so happy to be back to my apartment and my kitchen. Stephen's mom is nice but she's very OCD about cleaning and her the point that I was uncomfortable putting dishes in the dishwasher b/c it's not how she would have done it. I just felt out of place. My eating was out of whack and off schedule. Plus it's cold in South Dakota and that just made me want to eat more food. There was only one day that it was above freezing! I don't know how you Canadians do it, that is too cold for me!

I started my Valentine's Day challenge today and weighed in to a not pretty number--186. So it's obvious my eating wasn't good during the trip. But I'm back to my routine today and am looking forward to hitting the gym in about an hour.

I got some nice gifts for Christmas from Stephen's mom and her friend Pat. I got a Eating Well cookbook, a super nice pen, and a book about South Dakota...all three gifts I really like. I also got my birthday present from Stephen's mom and it's a Black Hills gold necklace that I love! (Stephen also got me my Valentines Day present while we were in S.Dakota...a pair of Black Hills gold and pearl earrings. They're classy and something I can wear for the rest of my life.) Now for the bad present I got: Stephen's mom got me a purse that I really don't like. She was all excited about giving it to me b/c she loves hers but it's just not my style. I'm picky about purses and I want one that's so big but not too big, that's certain colors, etc. This is just not me.

I'm going to see if my grandma would use it and give it to her. I used it in South Dakota for appearances but honestly, I really hate it. I tried to like it but I don't like the color or the "backpack" feel of the bag.
I kept up with everyone's blogs while I was gone but didn't have time to make any comments. I'll be back to that today.


Heather said...

Welcome back, glad you had a good holiday. We're just used to the cold up here I guess, unless it's -15 C, I don't even notice the

the veggie paparazzo said...

Is the photo with the paisley print your the bag? If so, I like it! I'll paypal you $15+ shipping for it if you want. (Suddenly, I feel like my comment reads like a scammer or a spammer. Oops. But I am real.)

Sara said...

Wow that purse is kinda old ladyish!!

Today it is -15 C with a wind chill of - 28 C - totally totally sucks! But next week we should be seeing +12C!!! It's crazy how all over the place our weather is!

Forget about the weight and restart - it is a New Year!

Grumpy Chair said...

The bag is in interesting shape, but I'm don't really like the pasiley print.

Welcome back. When I visited Rapid City with my hubby years ago, I got car sick going down to see Mt. Rushmore. Too many curvey s shaped roads.

Lynn said...

Glad to hear you had a nice holiday!!

Sadly I don't even notice the cold anymore, it's always -10 or something chilly like that...but I'm a nerd and wear boots, hat, mittens and a scarf w/ my heavy jacket.