Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weigh In Wednesday

Starting Weight: 186.0
Last Week's Weight: 182.2
This Week's Weight: 183.6
Change from Last Week: +1.4
Overall Change: -2.4

Yeah, so my weight was up this week but, honestly, I was fully expecting it. I haven't been working out and with my birthday brownie cheesecake, I know I've been over on my calories. But you know what? It was my birthday which happens once a year and I can undo the damage the other 364 days of the year. I'm going to start planning out my calories and workouts over the week. Especially now that I've cancelled my gym membership and it's cold, I need to plan my workouts so that I'll actually do them rather than just say, "It's too cold." and not do anything.

So the plan for this week looks like this:
Today: 1800 calories, no workout
Thursday: 1600 calories, 60 minute walk/run during lunch
Friday: 1600 calories, helping with conference so no lunch break
Saturday: 2000 calories, gym at apartment complex (cardio and strength)
Sunday: 2000 calories, gym at apartment complex (cardio and strength)
Monday: 1600 calories, 60 minute walk/run during lunch
Tuesday: 1600 calories, 60 minute walk/run during lunch

An update on my niece Sam: the doctors now think that since she's so small (barely over 5 pounds) that eating every 3 hours exhausts her and she ends up burning more calories eating than she actually takes in by eating. They think she'll start eating more as she gains weight and they've got a feeding tube in her nose to give her food when she's too tired to eat. They no longer think there's any developmental problems. She has to start eating better and gain more weight before they let her out of neonatal ICU but the prognosis is much better today.


Sara said...

First of all - congrats on becoming an auntie again. Definitely sending up prayers for Sam. Is she awake now? Is she eating on her own or still through the IVish thing? I'll keep her in my thoughts.

Secondly, not a bad weigh in considering!!! And that looks like a great ass plan you got yourself there! Next week a loss for sure!!

totegirl said...

Hooray for Sam! She already sounds like a trooper!

Good plan in the works. I have absolute and utter faith in you Marissa!

Lynn said...

I'm glad they figured out what was wrong with your niece. Hopefully she gains a bit of weight to get out of ICU.

I agree with the whole b-day thing too, have your cake - its only once a year. So you have be up a bit, thats nothing to burn off/lose.